ATL Training

  • Professionals

The training for professionals will provide conceptual and practical information on the peer support approach applied to interventions with persons experiencing homelessness: principles and values of peer support; the role of peer support agents; safe and effective practice of formalized peer support. It will offer an introduction to the restorative justice approach and its practical application with the collective.

Not only will it prepare the professionals to train persons with first-hand experience of homelessness at an advanced stage of recovery process as Journey Certified Supporters (JCS). It will also prepare the professionals to work hand in hand with the JCS, conducting joint interventions in the field. It will offer a structured approach to such collaboration, inspiring the professionals to pursue a professional relationship of equality, respect and mutual learning. At the same time, it will prepare the professionals to accompany and support the JCS in their role.

  • Journey Certified Supporters

ATL Vocational Qualification e-book will be an accessible, easy to read handbook for persons with first-hand experience of homelessness. It will support their qualification process to become Journey Certified Supporters, providing them with essential information on peer support methodology and the figure of Journey Certified Supporter. It will help them learn to build on their assets and effectively use their life experience to help those who are currently in a situation of extreme vulnerability. The training will not only empower them but will also open to them sustainable work solutions.